It doesn’t matter why you want to quit smoking.  

People have many reasons to quit: money, loved ones, smell, social acceptance, and the list goes on.

It only matters that you are done and want to quit today.  

When you are ready we are here to help you.  In just 2 1/2 hours you will be a non-smoker!

Our process for an individual session is 97% effective.  And we guarantee that if you ever start smoking again after an individual session we will provide you with another session, no questions asked. 

For group sessions, the rate is slightly lower at 85% effective.  Group sessions do not have a guarantee and the cost is significantly less.

The process we will take you through is a combination of hypnosis and processes to change your wiring so that you are no longer attracted to smoking.  It is an amazing process to go through and you will not even want to smoke afterward.


We will explore why people smoke 


We will assist you in accepting yourself as you are


We will sever your connection


We will cement in the change with hypnosis


You will be a non-smoker