Do you ever wonder……

⇒ Why do I take one step forward and two steps backwards?

⇒ Why do I behave in painful or self-destructive ways, when I know better?

⇒ How do I get out of my own way?

⇒ How can I become the person I know I can be?


Evolution Intervention begins with a respectful and simple process using a series of questions, along with guided imagery techniques to help you:

    ⇒ Reveal, through powerful metaphors, patterns that hinder you from achieving your full potential.

    ⇒ Investigate your unconscious limiting beliefs.

    ⇒ Pinpoint areas of significant pressure or stress to help you see the larger picture.

    ⇒ Expose the underlying causes of your distress and fear.

    ⇒ Explore the coping behaviors you use to relieve symptoms (of distress, fear, etc.)

    ⇒ Release core constrictions at the neurological and cellular level.

As you progress through each of the four sessions, together we:

    ⇒ Build on discoveries and release constrictions long-held in your nervous system.

    ⇒ Facilitate your connection to a deep-rooted sense of wholeness, peace, and well-being.

    ⇒ Help you to discover how to change your personal metaphors into positive and supportive images that allow you to maintain the profound shifts you experience in this process.


Significant Outcomes and benefits that are possible:

⇒ Enhanced health and well-being

Heightened experience of joy

⇒ Increased “effortless effort”

⇒ More “best days”

⇒ Unexpected healing of physical ailments

⇒ Minimization or disappearance of food allergies

⇒ Reduction of phobias

⇒ Healthy weight loss

⇒ Improvement in autoimmune functioning